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I connected my original profession as a psychologist with the spiritual dimension and realized that if we want to achieve harmony, inner peace and understanding of what is happening, it is not possible without diving into ourselves and the deep truth within us, to the places where real healing comes from. For me, meditation has become a cornerstone for any deeper psychotherapy.

All crises are opportunities to understand yourself and discover new possibilities.

As a meditative therapist and crisis guide, I support you in uncovering your resources on the path of healing and finding balance.

I help people who come to me to find their own resources to cope with challenging situations and, if they want, I stay with them on the path of their development, self-discovery and finding their authenticity, creative spontaneity, freedom, uniqueness and inner peace.

In psychotherapy, I look at each client as an exceptional, unique and wise person. We all have the ability to heal our soul and body. Sometimes this ability is hidden in our unconscious as an invisible resource. Just reveal him. Often, we just need to support, guide or confirm that we are on the right path. And that, I think, is the therapist’s role.

As a therapist, I use the procedures of Neurolinguistic programming and Ericksonian hypnotherapy, Meditative therapy, Gestalt therapy, Voice Dialogue therapy, Dramatherapy and I also offer the unique deep method Transomatic Dialogue.

I offer techniques for managing emotions, disturbing thoughts, for deep relaxation and working with the subconscious.

I use the experience of working with people who are addicted, abandoned and people in crisis.

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